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Message from our Camp & Program Director

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Joining JCC Abrams Camps is like joining a second family.

We take youth and teens on a magical journey of self-discovery in a place where they can feel safe, respected and loved. Camp traditions are created and life-long friendships are made.


Creating a camp culture that is filled with kindness, excitement & creativity are just a few of the campership traits that we instill in each and every camper. By choosing the JCC Abrams Camp you are choosing a summer experience that your children will never forget and be forever changed by. It would be our privilege to take your child on this life-changing adventure.

Jennifer Kravitz
Camp & Program Director

American Camp Association accredited

Abrams Campership Values

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FRIENDSHIP - Focused program to develop life skills that foster friendships and build self-confidence in your child

PERSEVERANCE - Help our youth explore nature and new daily adventures at their own pace in a safe and nurturing environment with people who truly care

RESPECT - Our compassionate and considerate staff are role models for your children to look up to. We invest in training our staff from forefront camping professionals and accredited partners such as JCCA, JFCS, JCamp180 and Foundation of Jewish Camping.

TIKKUN OLAM - Promoting Community Service camp-wide initiatives that build camaraderie and character


KINDNESS - Prioritize the needs of each individual child and value the diversity and differences of children of all needs


COMMUNITY - Provide youth and staff with a life changing experience that will forever shape their future & the community around them for the better

Who are we?


JCC ABRAMS CAMPS AND TEEN TRAVEL has been serving the greater Princeton Mercer Bucks Community for more than 60 years.  We are excited by our expanded campus now serving Middlesex & Monmouth Counties too. JCC Abrams Camps was founded on and celebrates the principles of Jewish values, culture and traditions. 

OUR GOAL is to provide a safe, fun filled camp experience for youth and teens. Our highly trained and compassionate staff enables each camper to grow in an atmosphere, which promotes integrity, self-esteem, positive values, and good sportsmanship.

OUR BELIEF is that campers of all ages and diverse backgrounds will walk away from their summer experience with their lives significantly impacted from learning life-skills and making new friends in a warm, safe, and nurturing environment.

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