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Camp Programs

Prek-1st Grade

Garinim are ready for an exciting full day of supervised activities with a focus on their development of gross and fine motor skills and social growth.  They enjoy a summer of sports, creativity, skill building and friendship making to prepare them for school and more.  Click here to get more info on Prek-1st Grade!

2nd-3rd Grade

Anafim get more options, more adventure, and more independence while continuing our emphasis on social skills, self-awareness and sportsmanship.  Click here to get more info on 2nd-3rd Grade!

4th-6th Grade

Alim enjoy every specialty offering with an emphasis on mastering skills & techniques for individual growth in an inclusive camp culture of depth and purpose. Alim also get a choice elective period to dive into something that they are more curious about.  Click here to get more info on 4th-6th Grade

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