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Abrams Programs


Garinim are ready for an exciting full day of supervised activities with a focus on their development of gross and fine motor skills and social growth.  They enjoy a summer of sports, creativity, skill building and friendship making to prepare them for school and more.  Click here to get more info on Prek-Kindergarten!

                                                          1st-2nd Grade

Shorashim enjoy gaga, soccer, pickleball and a variety of sports and adventure activities.  They get creative with arts and crafts, cooking, drama and love exploring STEM and nature programs.  Click here to get more info on1st-2nd Grade!


3rd-4th Grade

Anafim get more options, more adventure, and more independence while continuing our emphasis on social skills, self-awareness and sportsmanship.  Click here to get more info on 3rd-4th Grade!

5th-6th Grade

Alim enjoy every specialty offering with an emphasis on mastering skills & techniques for individual growth in an inclusive camp culture of depth and purpose. Alim also get a choice elective period to dive into something that they are more curious about.  Click here to get more info on 5th-6th Grade


7th-9th Grade Teen Travel

Plug your teens into an exciting summer journey filled with adventure & once-in-a-lifetime extended trips. Our amazing team encourages self-discovery and independence while fostering life-long friends.  
Click here to get more info on Teen Travel!


10th grade

Madrichim campers have an interest in becoming future counselors. This leadership development program is very “hands on” and offers lifelong skills from leading staff members and surrounding community lay leaders. They experience peer bonding through engaging child development discussions mixed with weekly trips to fun spots too!   Click here to get more info on Madrichim!

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